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Taking care of yourself means allowing yourself to live fully

Become an actor in your life & your well-being


Reconnecting with yourself, understanding what you really want is the first fundamental step towards well-being. Whether through coaching, energy care or guidance, all my support will help you bring more understanding to what you are experiencing because we all go through difficult events, questions and periods of doubt.


Human Design is a tool for self-knowledge, a sort of instruction manual that allows us to put into words certain functionings that characterize us. This also allows us to work on our misalignments and our conditioning. It’s a way of being unique, without it being confining or cataloging.


HD option - 2 sessions of 1h30 + your HD manual: 555 chf

Discovery Option - 1h30 session to discover your HD charter (profile, type, internal authority, strategy): 220 chf

Self Time - © logo creative studio


Iki means “to be alive”

Cheerful means “worth living”

Knowing your Ikigai is (re)discovering the reason why you get up every morning, it is a work of introspection to explore your life path through a complete tool which will reveal your areas of skills, your talents, your strengths. 

This service is aimed at people who want to understand what they are good at, put words to it, and reorient themselves professionally. 


In a group, 

  • 5X 1h30 by zoom, over 10 weeks + an individual session;

  • For a day in person: 220 chf / person


  • 5X 1 hour (zoom or face-to-face), over 10 weeks

Heure de Soi - Caroline van Dijk © photo Samyan
Heure de Soi - Caroline van Dijk © photo Samyan
Heure de Soi - Caroline van Dijk © photo Samyan
Self Time - © logo creative studio


A mediumship session is a moment to treat yourself when you feel the need to see more clearly in your life. There is no magic or clairvoyance, but simply a soul-to-soul connection that is established between the medium and the person receiving the session. There are not necessarily great revelations of the mysteries of the Universe either, but often the opportunity to put words to the feelings you have.


1 session of 1 hour: 120 chf

Self Time - © logo creative studio


The point of hypnotherapy is to immerse us in an altered state of consciousness (hypnotic state) to allow our brain to become more receptive and promote change. 


This session is for you if: 

  • Anxiety, anxiety, burn-out

  • Trauma

  • During phobias and fears (dentist, spider, vertigo, etc.): to relearn a new way of living

  • Sleeping troubles

  • You are overweight and would like to change your habits

  • During various addictions (tobacco, alcohol, video games, etc.): to free yourself from them;


Trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, I supplemented my knowledge with specific tools intended for children and designed by Lise Baroli.


Adult - 1 session of 1h30: 160 CHF

Child - 1 session of 1 hour: 100 CHF


And you,

Are you ready to awaken the explorer in you?
the one who sets out to discover himself and who 
lives  the life of his dreams?

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