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Heure de Soi - Caroline van Dijk © photo Samyan
It's never too late to discover yourself, accept yourself and create the life you want. 
To know ourselves is to open up to an inner world that enriches us.

We all have the opportunity to move forward, by choosing to know ourselves better. Accessing this self-knowledge is a real strength to weather the storms that life throws at us. I really want to support humans in their inner transformation, so that they become the actor of their life and not the one who suffers it.


When I was little, I was rather dreamy, "in my own world" and I didn't really fit the mold - especially at school - despite all my efforts. I had a lot of intuition, feelings, but I didn't really know what they were and so I did everything I could to put a lid on it in order to be "normal".


After embarking on a professional career in international trade, logistics, and event organization in several multinationals, I decided to change direction: I needed to give meaning to what I was doing. First with training as a life coach, then in naturopathy, I decided to turn to this human support which interested me so much.

Without really realizing it, it had always been part of me, and I was finally allowing myself to escape from all this conditioning. 

It is in this spirit that I continued to train in various therapies, whether energetic or natural. Today I understand health and well-being in the broad sense, with its physical, energetic and spiritual dimension. 


It was during training in mediumship that I realized to what extent what I was experiencing as a child was not so “crazy” as that. I continually enrich my knowledge through training in hypnosis, coaching, Human Design and all these areas which nourish this toolbox with which I support my clients. I love learning, sharing & inspire, I like to listen to people. 


It is for all these reasons that I continue to train and read a lot in order to refine my understanding of Humans and myself.  


See you soon, 


Individuality, uniqueness


Listening & sharing


Kindness, non-judgment


Coaching (Human design, ikigai)
Reiki, energy healing
Spiritual healing

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